Empowering Local Business To A Sustainable Future

The launch of the Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber Strategic Plan was held recently at a breakfast gathering of members, stakeholders & friends in TOTEM.
The plan covers the period 2023 – 2026 and was produced by identifying local business challenges and creating solutions to help surmount them. Download your copy here
Workforce and accommodation shortages are two of the main challenges presently faced by local employers. To increase employee numbers and business capacity, the D&WW Chamber is working on an accommodation solution for people moving here to work. The concept is called Let’s Rent – a platform compiling available accommodation and rooms, where both homeowners and tenants can register details and find a match. It will be launched shortly, and it’s a model the D&WW Chamber would like to share with other Chambers in due course.
A skilled workforce is another major problem and once again Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber leads a solution-orientated programme. The Tailored Employment Initiative is a multi-party collaboration working with businesses to identify staffing deficits – both immediate and future. The initiative then works with agencies to tailor training programmes and support the placements of participants in employment. By working in tandem with local service providers, we are leading sustainable solution to a collective challenge.
Sustainable development and climate change are important areas for every business to consider and action, which will ensure a healthy, viable and unlimited future for our next generation. The D&WW Chamber have taken on the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are relevant to Dungarvan and West Waterford companies and is committed to working toward these goals in the strategy rollout.
Speaking at the event was Oren Byrne, D&WW Chamber President; “We (Chamber) punch way above our weight, we win awards, we have more members than any other town Chamber in Ireland, we sell more vouchers per population than any other Chamber in Ireland and we are known as best practice for tourism management in relation to Greenways. This is something to be very proud of, we are all part of this exceptionally dynamic and ambitious network.
It is imperative for the Chamber to stay relevant, to predict what’s coming, react to what’s here, and to support businesses, and our environment. We must ensure Dungarvan & West Waterford is the very best place to live, work, play and do business. “
The guest speaker at the launch was Kevin Walsh, General Manager of Radley Engineering who said “It’s obvious the Dungarvan Chamber sets targets to break them! They are hugely collaborative. They have an unrivalled energy to keep Dungarvan thriving and they’re not afraid to get uncomfortable.
They have courage to look at the big issues like housing and the workforce issue, and they come up with solutions like Let’s Rent and the Tailored Employment Initiative. The Chamber is not afraid to be bold. Being part of this community is how we future proof.”
The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber is the voice of business locally, nationally and in Europe. The Chamber represents Over 320 businesses and almost 4000 employees.
The D&WW Chamber understands the challenges being faced at every phase and stage of business and through the new Strategic Plan will continue to work tirelessly to overcome local, national and European barriers in order to effectively promote Dungarvan & West Waterford as a fantastic place to live, work and deliver sustainable business.
The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber is here to create, support, maintain and promote a positive environment for business in West Waterford.