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Chamber Membership

Why join the CHAMBER?


The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber provides a variety of services to retail, industrial, service, and professional businesses all over West Waterford including networking opportunities, training and promotion. The Chamber is also involved in many forums and joint committees with local authorities and development agencies to ensure real representation in decision making and build strong working partnerships. Membership of the Chamber makes you part of that support network and allows us to work for you. When you have an issue you'd like highlighted, a question you need answered or even just want to discuss something affecting your business to get a fresh perspective, we want to hear from you. Our mission is to support you and give your business the benefit of the all the experience, contacts and information our community has to offer. Your success makes West Waterford a better place to live for all of us and that's what the Chamber is all about.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Membership

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Become a member of the Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce now

The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber is here to create, support, maintain and promote a positive environment for business in West Waterford

Benefits of Chamber of Commerce Membership

By encouraging a strong, unified business community, we help create a stable local economy that provides a high quality of life for those who live and work here

As the principle representative forum for business in the area we actively campaign for and contribute to the development of Dungarvan & West Waterford as a preferred destination to work, live, play and stay.

Chamber membership benefits will be different for each member. Benefits are as valuable to sole traders as they are to SME’s and multinational companies.

Chamber Membership links the business and the people behind the business to a business community locally, regionally and nationally.

Member benefits are also linked to a company’s positioning. The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber works with all sizes and stages of business, supporting each business to fulfil their potential. This is done through many avenues- Support, Promotion, Connection, Information, Inclusion, and Representation.

The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber are leaders and innovators, the Chamber pre-empts opportunities and challenges and sets out to bring you relevant information, guidance and help to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities.

Offering support, advice, and information on funding opportunities for business development through our Business Advisory Service

Chamber Business Online Clinic – This Clinic will work through business issues using expert consultants to prescribe solutions and support recovery. The Clinic will focus on day-to-day business issues, but also include more strategic or intensive responses in certain areas.

A platform to promote your business via communications, online platforms, exclusive referrals and listing on our website at

Special welcome post with your branding and contact details across our social media platforms

Promotion of the area as a great place to do business

Promotion of local business activities, events and festivals

Promotion of Dungarvan and West Waterford as a tourism destination.

Connection to the members in this strong and active business community

Connection to clients, colleagues, suppliers, stakeholders, agencies and general public

Invitations to events – including seminars, conferences, training and networking events

Invitation to high level speaker events

Weekly Chamber Newsletter with business tips, special offers of value to members and up to date news about local & national issues that may affect your business

Guidance and advice on grants and financial support available to your business.

Big Deals – whether it is coping with Covid, Brexit, GDPR laws, remote Working Entitlements or activities like Town Centre Redevelopment the D& WW Chamber will help steer you in the direction of information, preparation, points of contact, and will be here as a resource for your business to help you through changing times.

Access to ‘Business Watch’ scheme – a text alert system that instantly notifies you of any urgent news affecting your business

Inclusion in an active business community

Inclusion in the Chamber Shop Local Voucher Initiative, which added €1.5 million to the local community last year

Involvement with a proactive business group who appreciate that together we achieve more.

The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber provides a voice for our members through representation in a diverse range of important groups and bodies at all levels, from local to national.

We use your feedback from surveys, contacts and events to highlight your concerns and ideas, working to ensure that everyone’s needs are taken into account.

D&WW Chamber welcomes regular feedback from members to bring forward and show a true picture of what the landscape is like and what measures are required for the future growth & sustainability of our area.

Frequently Asked


Being part of Dungarvan and West Waterford’s biggest business network provides members with easy access to other members and their networks. Networking is essential to maintain client relationships, and build new ones.

The Chamber hosts up to 20 events per year that include business showcasing events, information seminars, sports events, training courses, social events, and awards ceremonies, all of which are designed to encourage and promote active networking. If there are members who you would like to meet we will do the introductions. When enquiries for a business or service come through the office you will be referred to if you are a member.

There are many PR opportunities within the Chamber’s calendar of events. As a member you will be listed on the Chamber website & Business Directory, monthly member company profiles are sent to other members and by attending the many events held your photo may be featured on the local or regional news papers along with our Chamber facebook page.

The continual flow of information from the Chamber will keep you updated on all local, regional and national issues, and we will keep you abreast of opportunities that could bring you new business and you will find out what other members are doing to achieve success.

The Chamber is primarily funded by membership subscriptions. We also generate income from event management fees and the administration services on offer to local business. The Chamber is not funded by any government departments or regional Councils. The Chamber is affiliated to Chambers Ireland and pays Chambers Ireland for this privilege.

The D&WW Chamber is active across a wide range & scale of businesses in the region – from a sole trader in Lismore to a large multinational in Dungarvan. The D&WW Chamber understands the challenges being faced at every phase of the business pipeline and works tirelessly to overcome local and national barriers in order to effectively promote Dungarvan & West Waterford as a fantastic place to live, work and deliver sustainable business. The D&WW Chamber represents a membership base of over 300 businesses working on behalf of its 3500 employees.

The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber membership boasts a wide geographic and sectoral interest. Businesses from Dungarvan, Cappoquin, Lismore, Ardmore an in-between are benefiting from membership. Those in services, retail, industrial and professions are involved in the Chamber as the reasons to join for each sector is compelling. For a full listing of members see our Directory.




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6 – 20 employees


21 – 50 employees


51 – 100 employees


100+ employees


Trading less than 6 months


Non-profit organisations

What our members say

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Become a member of the Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber of Commerce now