The Dungarvan and West Waterford Chamber proudly announces a significant milestone in the Shopping Voucher community-centric initiative, with sales of their shopping vouchers reaching an impressive €1.5 million in 2023. This achievement not only surpasses the ambitious one-million-euro target but also reflects the unwavering support from the local community.

The Dungarvan & West Waterford Community deserves huge appreciation for exceeding the Million Euro Chamber Shopping Voucher goal by a substantial margin.

Chamber President Oren Byrne said “I personally want to thank every single person who purchased a voucher and to the big and small local businesses who choose to reward their staff with local Chamber vouchers.

The amount of farming businesses that have purchased Chamber Vouchers has risen exponentially; they also enjoy the same entitlement to a €1000 bonus by way of vouchers. Dungarvan & West Waterford has a big Agri community, it’s great to see this sector supporting vouchers and benefiting the community.”

“It’s not money earned as the voucher is either a present or work bonus. It’s a discretionary spend which means it’s an extra €1.5 million guaranteed to stay in the county that wouldn’t exist if the voucher hadn’t been purchased.

We also want to thank the local businesses who accept them. Almost every retailer in the town takes the vouchers. Which means you can buy home heating oil, fill the car with fuel, do the weekly shop in Garvey’s, get your hair done, buy a fabulous dress, see a movie or go out to dinner.”

The voucher scheme has been in operation since 2007, and has risen steadily since then, but the last few years have seen significant growth. Speaking about this, Jenny Beresford D&WW Chamber CEO stated, “The record-breaking sales emphasise the steady monthly purchases that highlight the vouchers’ year-round relevance beyond seasonal trends, showcasing the community’s overwhelming endorsement of the Chamber Vouchers and their commitment to bolstering the local economy. These Chamber Shopping Vouchers have become the preferred means to reward employees, serve as popular prizes for clubs and associations, and are sought-after for various occasions, including weddings and special events. There have never been so many vouchers in circulation – we know it will help sustain businesses and employment in the coming months when disposable income will be leaner. It’s a win-win for everyone in Dungarvan and West Waterford.”

In addition to the remarkable sales success, Dungarvan and West Waterford Chamber proudly received the prestigious title of Chamber of the Year in Ireland, a phenomenal achievement to be considered the best Chamber in Ireland.

The Chamber looks forward to building on this success and continuing to play a pivotal role in supporting the local community and businesses.