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The Chamber Shopping Voucher Scheme kept €1.5 million in our local economy last year!

With Chamber Shopping Vouchers you choose how and where to spend your money. Accepted by over 150 vibrant local shops, restaurants and service providers, you get exactly what you want.

Chamber Vouchers are flexible and practical, available in denominations of €10, €25 & €50 and they do not expire – you can treat yourself in your favourite shop or spread your vouchers out over a variety of businesses. Each voucher purchase includes a full list of all participating businesses and gift envelope.

Our Chamber has been running this voucher scheme for over 10 years – it has kept more than €7,000,000 circulating through local businesses in that time, growing each year.

With so many choices, the range of products available to you is endless. From boutiques and brands to food and fuel – whatever you need you can get it with Chamber Shopping Vouchers, making them an ideal gift or tax-free employee reward. Chamber vouchers are available all year round, both online and from locations around Dungarvan.

Chamber Vouchers also support local employers who create real, quality jobs in our community and are committed to building a strong economic future for our region. When you choose Chamber vouchers, you are not just choosing a useful, versatile gift, you are also choosing to safeguard local jobs and our economic community.

Our Local Voucher Stockists

Where are vouchers sold?

  • Dungarvan Chamber Office, DEC,   Main Street
  • Capitol Cleaners, O’Connell St.
  • Dungarvan Tourist Office, Main Street
  • Cairde Credit Union, Main Street

Where are our vouchers accepted?

See where the Chamber Vouchers can be spent

D&WW Chamber Shopping Vouchers can be redeemed in over 150 businesses in West Waterford.

By choosing Chamber Vouchers you are making a difference that benefits your community. This ‘shop local’ culture is helping keep your community in business and in turn ensuring local activities are supported. Vouchers are typically used as wedding presents, birthday gifts, special occasion gifts and staff bonuses. Others choose them as a way to save year round.

“It’s a win-win “, says David Walsh Chamber Director “the recipient has the choice of over 150 businesses where they can use their voucher and the purchaser knows they are keeping business local and securing jobs.”

“The growth in awareness regarding the importance of shopping local is outstanding,” says Jenny Beresford CEO of Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber. “Local people are choosing local vouchers that support over 150 businesses and keep our economy active and vibrant throughout the year. The dramatic rise in the amount of vouchers sold year on year is beyond encouraging and demonstrates very clearly that the people of Dungarvan and West Waterford are fully behind their local economy and willing it to prosper.”


Employee Bonuses

If you are considering rewarding your staff for their hard work and loyalty, please consider using Chamber Shopping Vouchers.

Employees, friends and family will appreciate a voucher they can use in an wide range of local outlets.

We as businesses and individuals need to support this initiative to safe guard jobs and industry locally.


  • Under the Revenue Commissioners approved 'Small Benefit Exemption' scheme, your company can award staff up to €1000 as a once off payment
  • No administrative fee is charged to purchase Vouchers
  • You can purchase the vouchers from the Chamber office, in any domination
  • The recipient will be able to use the voucher to purchase merchandise or services in a wide range of local businesses
  • You'll be supporting local jobs and industry, it's win-win

Voucher Scheme



There is a 5% administrative charge on the Chamber Vouchers redeemed and here’s where it goes:

Professional Photos for promotional campaigns including member businesses

Paid Advertising:

Print Media  –  Radio  –  Social Media


Voucher Lists  –  Designed Envelopes  –  Voucher Books  –  Signage

Governance & Oversight

2 Software Platforms  –  Accounting Fees  –  Bank Charges  –  Card Machine Charges  –  Hosting Online Payments

NOT Included:

Any Administrative Hours  –  Charges for sales agents  –  POS charges

Terms & Conditions

  • Vouchers are redeemable at any of the participating Chamber Member Businesses listed (subject to minor changes – lists include a date at which they were last updated – if in doubt you can contact the business or our office to confirm)
  • No Cash refunds
  • We encourage you to use use the full value of your voucher when redeeming at a participating businesses – some businesses may be willing to issue a credit or store voucher for unused balances. We recommend choosing smaller denomination vouchers at point of sale to ensure customer convenience.
  • Vouchers can be used to purchase goods and services