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Understanding Our Funding Model

A Self-Funded Not-for-Profit Organisation

Funding Structure: D&WWC operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), providing us with a legal structure that aligns with our mission and objectives. Central to our independence and sustainability is our self-funded status, allowing us to maintain control over our operations and initiatives without relying on external sources for day-to-day functioning.

Operational Independence: Unlike many not-for-profit organisations, D&WWC does not rely on public departments, local authorities, or external organisations. This independence allows us to maintain agility, make strategic decisions based on our objectives, react to situations and pre-empt trends, challenges and opportunities

Transparency and Accountability: We are committed to transparency and accountability in our financial management. D&WWC publishes financial reports annually, ensuring that our stakeholders are informed about how their contributions are utilised.

The D&WWC, is a self-funded model empowering our vision, mission and values with autonomy and integrity. We are grateful for the support of our members, sponsors, partners, stakeholders and the broader community, whose contributions enable us to create the best environment to do business.

Sources of Funding:

1. Membership Subscriptions: Our valued members play an essential role in sustaining our Organisation. Members contribute through subscription fees, providing us with a steady stream of income that supports various activities and initiatives.

2. Sponsorship: We collaborate with businesses and organisations to offer sponsorship opportunities which have mutual benefits, as sponsors gain exposure and recognition while supporting our endeavours.

3. Project Funding: D&WWC undertakes a range of projects aligned with our mission, vision and goals. We secure funding for these projects through grants, donations, and partnerships. The D&WWC operate a shoplocal voucher initiatives, this is partially funded from commission charged. More details…

4. Events and Activity Management Fees: We organise events, workshops, and activities. Participant fees and event sponsorships contribute to our revenue stream, enabling us to cover costs and invest in future initiatives.