Chamber members are invited to seek free advice from the Small Business Advice Programme! No gimmicks! 

“The Small Business Advice Programme is a free and confidential advice to small business in need. We are specifically aimed at SME’s who otherwise could not afford professional advice, or do not know who to turn to for this advice. We have a panel of over expert Advisers / Mentors, most of whom are successful business persons or recently retired business professionals with a vast range of experience from Financial and Marketing to HR and Life Coaching”.

“The Small Business Advice Programme ( is a voluntary response by the business community to the challenges that recession brings for small business. A panel of Advisers has been assembled, with significant business experiences, who are volunteering their time to give practical advice to small businesses. Small businesses can benefit from tapping into this pool of knowledge by applying for an advice meeting through the Small Business Advice website Applications may also be made by phone, fax, email or by post.

Recession forces businesses to change in order to survive. That change can be difficult and many businesses can’t afford professional advice. Our business Advisers will give solid, practical advice on how to prepare for the new market challenges. It may not be possible to totally recession proof your business. However, there are practical measures small businesses can take to maximise potential, survive and even grow in tough times.

Programme benefits

  • Completely confidential
  • Good quality advice from experienced Advisers
  • Quick response – target to have an adviser within one week of completed application
  • Easy to use – it takes minutes to apply on website
  • No charge to small business”

General Information;

So far over 190 different types of business have sought advice from the Small Business Advice Programme. The type of applicant / business is as varied as the number of applicants. The advice requested was across the full spectrum from Financial, to Promotion to HR and Business Expansion. To date, 50% of applicants are Sole Traders or Partnerships: over 50% employ only 1 or 2 people and over 60% have a turnover of less than €500k

The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber encourages members to use this free service to gain free advice for your business. Check out for further details or if you would like the Chamber to set up the initial contact with the Small Business Advice Service, please contact and we can do this for you.