Rates Revaluation Process & Representation – There is still time to  do something!!

Following the Revaluation Briefing in Dungarvan and  further communications with senior manager Declan Lavelle in the Valuation Office the Dungarvan & West Waterford  Chamber urge businesses who received large rates hikes to commence an appeal process through representation.
Assured this is still ‘a work in progress’ the Valuation Office admit they do not have all data on every business , also they admit all the data they do have is not correct and therefore there is possibility of a new / lower valuation if you make your case to the Valuation Office Team through an appeal.
Businesses are being given 28 days from date of the new Valuation Cert to review their individual case.
The Dungarvan & West Waterford  Chamber urges businesses affected negatively to take their cases to The Valuation Appeal process within the 28 days they have to appeal. We also encourage businesses to share their ‘evidence’ with their neighbours to build a stronger case as to why the rentable valuation upon which the revaluation process is calculated  may be in error.
The more individual businesses that appeal, the greater the likelihood of success for Dungarvan &West Waterford business community as a whole.
There is still time to do something; it is still a work in progress!!!
Representation applications can be found online at http://www.valoff.ie/doc/WRA_Revaluation_Representations_Form.doc
For more details see website;  http://www.valoff.ie/revaluation_waterford.html
Please include Evidence with your representation. I.E. as if you are  disputing your rent-able valuation include your rental evidence, if you have different measurements than what was quoted on your Proposed  Valuation Cert  include these etc
Or contact  Waterford Revaluation Telephone Helpline (01 8171001),    waterfordreval@valoff.ie