Ambitious plans are underway to create a Digital Transformation Hub for Dungarvan. Your input is vital to enable Dungarvan to achieve its potential and ensure the Hub meets the needs of all the people in our business community.

The initial focus of the Hub will be on providing safe, remote workspace in the town centre for people currently struggling while working from home due to the Covid Pandemic. And for those people who will be in a blended working situation over the next number of years.

Next the Hub will expand its services to allow all business, large medium and small, in the area embrace the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Through collaboration with mentors and experts at a national level, local businesses can re-imagine their process, culture and customer experience with tailored solutions. This will allow these organisations to meet the challenging and changing requirements of the 21st century marketplace.

Please click the link below and take a short anonymous survey, based on the initial phase of the project. It’s designed to take less than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you.