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Why Membership Is Important

Find out why membership is important to our members, from connecting with other businesses, insights and support, business partnerships and promotion. The Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber represents businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. There are many reasons why businesses want to be part of this dynamic, pro-active, and engaging business network - let our valued members tell you why!

Aisling Larkin

Ultimately, for me, the Chamber experience is about support through the power of belonging and connectivity with over 300 dynamic local businesses, fostering a sense of community. Through the Chamber I have forged meaningful connections for building a robust network. What sets the D&WW Chamber apart is its pro-active approach in addressing challenges. As members, we benefit from this pro-active organisation that continually shapes the future of our inter-connected business community and for that I am very grateful.

Adaptation Therapies

Being a member of the D&WW Chamber has been invaluable to me as I set up and maintain my business. The contacts, the support, the exchange of advice and ideas with other like-minded business people has helped grow my business faster than I ever would of on my own. With the chamber you feel like you constantly have someone behind you, which is worth so much as a sole trader.

CC Renewables

We find that being members of the Chambers benefits us greatly as it allows other members and the public to know that CC Renewables is their locally based renewable energy company. When we need advertising, supplies, a helping hand or advice we always try to remain as local as we can and being members gives us access to other local businesses that in turn also help us! We won New Business of the Year 2022 through the Chambers Awards, and we are forever grateful for this also!

Garage Monkey Designs

Since becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce I feel like I have gained support and become part of close-knit family where I continue to build meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs. Accepting Chamber vouchers is my way of connecting with my local community and supporting them as well as helping my business grow.

Icon 7

Being part of the Chamber has brought our business to the wider community and has been a great help to us promoting our new store in 2023. Because we accept Chamber vouchers it has brought extra footfall to the store and has increased our takings especially over the Christmas period. The strong support system is a huge help to the business community of Dungarvan & West Waterford also.

Koi Consulting

My membership with the D&WW Chamber has helped me in ways that I never expected. My business partners are Dublin based so developing a super network of like-minded female solopreneurs and entrepreneurs has (a) given me a local support network so I always have someone to bounce ideas off (b) given me insight to the array of wonderful businesses in the area that make West Waterford a really great place to live and (c) who know what local partnerships that might develop, watch this space!

Merrys Gastropub

One of the things we strive for at Merry’s is to be part of the local community. Sometimes this can be difficult when you are stuck working in the kitchen or pulling pints! The wonderful thing about our Chamber of Commerce is we are kept up to date with what is going on around town. The Chamber is also a wonderful support system when you need answers to difficult questions in legislation or the constantly changing rules & regulations!

Nature’s Alchemy

Joining D&WW Chamber was one of the best decisions I made for my business. It allowed me to meet a wonderful network of business people from my local area many of whom have become friends and even collaborators. They run many interesting events during the year my favourite last year was for International Women’s Day with fantastic speakers, beautiful food and plenty of chats. I highly recommend!


Being a member of D&WW Chamber as a local Recruitment Consultancy gives us great insight into Dungarvan’s community and its needs as well as the invaluable opportunity to connect as a business helping to recruit the right person for the right job.

Rich Rags

Membership of the award winning Dungarvan Chamber of Commerce ensures your business and community matters. Having a voice matters. Promotion and engagement up to government level, Chamber social and business events, advice, Chamber Vouchers all create a Win/ Win for Dungarvan and your business together.

The Old Bank

The most exciting factor of being a Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber member is the close relationship with the local community. Being able to support the local economy is very important and always has dual effect.